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Drunk Buggy Driving? Amish Collide With Cop Car

4 young adults charged with illegal possession of alcohol

(Newser) - Just because they drive buggies instead of cars doesn't mean Amish kids can't get into trouble. Four were arrested and charged with illegal possession of alcohol last night after their buggy crashed—directly into a police car, NBC Philadelphia reports. At the time, police were responding to a... More »

Amish Girl Shot Dead in Buggy

Ohio shooting ruled a homicide

(Newser) - The case of a young Amish girl who was fatally shot while driving her horse and buggy home from a Christmas party has been ruled a homicide. Rachel Yoder, 15, died on Friday, a day after she was found lying on the ground outside her family's Ohio home. Relatives... More »

Amish Men Jailed Over Buggy Ruckus

They were fined over lack of safety sign, refused to pay

(Newser) - Eight Amish men in Kentucky have begun serving time in jail—all over a bright orange triangle. The men were issued fines over their failure to display a safety sign on the backs of their horse-drawn buggies, but refused to pay, along with associated court fees. They explained that forking... More »

Amish Teen Takes Cops on Buggy Chase

Police say he was drinking a beer

(Newser) - You shouldn't drink and drive—no matter what kind of horsepower you're riding. A 17-year-old Amish boy driving a buggy in upstate New York led deputies on a short chase after they saw him with an open can of beer, reports the Buffalo News . Once stopped, deputies say... More »

Amish Buggy Drag Race Results in Accident, Ticket

Nobody is injured after mishap on county road

(Newser) - The driver of an Amish buggy racing another to church has been ticketed after the race caused an accident on a county road in Ashland, Ohio. Jacob Raber was alongside the other buggy when he had to swerve to avoid an approaching car, say police. He clipped the car, though... More »

Buggy-Driving Amish Teen Tries to Flee Police

Levi Detweiler's parents probably not too happy

(Newser) - In today's Odd Crimes Department, 17-year-old Levi Detweiler was arrested after leading police on a one-mile chase—a very slow mile, we're guessing. The Amish teen was piloting a horse and buggy in Leon, NY, when he allegedly ran a stop sign and then refused to pull over, CBS News... More »

6 Stories