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Archaeologists Find World's Oldest Ax

Only Japan comes close to harboring axes as old as fragment found in Australia

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Australia have found a fragment of an ax far older than any other ever found, evidence that the continent's first Aboriginal people were considerably more sophisticated with toolmaking than they've been given credit for. "We are rewriting history here," Sydney University archaeologist Peter Hiscock... More »

Ax-Wielding Man Kills 6 in China

30-year-old man attacked those en route to nursery school

(Newser) - A man wielding an ax attacked and killed two young girls and four adults while they were on their way to a nursery school this morning in Gongyi City, China, the BBC reports. Police have apprehended the suspected killer, a 30-year-old local farmer who they say "has a history... More »

2 Stories