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Ladies, Meet the Lumbersexual

He's the answer to the metrosexual and the latest thing in men's fashion

(Newser) - He's unshaven, a little dirty, and dresses like a woodsman. No, he's not a slob, he's … sexy? This guy—think Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor, Nick Offerman, or Chuck Norris—is a lumbersexual, apparently. And just what is that? He's the opposite of the... More »

20% of Men Never Shampoo, Use Deodorant

But younger generation likes oils and creams

(Newser) - Woe to the gals who shack up with these guys. One in five men don't use deodorant or body spray of any kind, and the same number never use shampoo, a new study says. Conducted by a European market research company, the study of 1,000 men also shows... More »

2 Stories