Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite

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See the Satellite That Could Fall on You

Amateur astronomer Thierry Legault took the images last Thursday

(Newser) - The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite won't hit Earth until tomorrow afternoon , but an amateur astronomer managed to capture images of it tumbling toward us last week. Thierry Legault used a camera attached to a 14-inch telescope to record UARS as it passed over northern France last Thursday, reports the... More »

With Satellite Set to Hit, World Uneasy

26 pieces of NASA spacecraft to likely reach Earth tomorrow

(Newser) - The 6.5-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is going to plummet to Earth tomorrow afternoon , and the fact that NASA can't say exactly where is making some people uneasy. Some 26 pieces of the satellite, ranging in size up to a few hundred pounds, are likely to survive re-entry... More »

Satellite to Hit Earth Friday—or Fridayish

NASA's latest calculations get a little more specific

(Newser) - We know it's coming ... and now we sort of know when. The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite—the 1,100 pounds of it that make it through Earth’s atmosphere—will crash onto land or sea on Friday. Give or take a day . The Washington Post notes NASA will get... More »

3 Stories