Operation Twist

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Weak Jobs Report Puts Pressure on Bernanke

Fed now more likely to take action

(Newser) - Yesterday's tepid jobs report firms up evidence that the recovery is backsliding and increases the odds that the Federal Reserve will try to give it a jolt, reports the Wall Street Journal . The most likely move by Ben Bernanke would be to buy bonds—or quantitative easing, in econo-speak—... More »

Dow Tanks at Open

Follows yesterday's trend, down more than 300 points

(Newser) - Should you need another reason to pack it in and go back to bed: After falling 284 points yesterday following the Fed's announcement of Operation Twist , which investors interpreted as yet another gloomy assessment of the economy, the Dow kicked off today by plunging even more—a lot more.... More »

2 Stories