spontaneous human combustion

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Baby Has Randomly Gone Up in Flames 4 Times

Doctors say Rahul suffers from spontaneous human combustion

(Newser) - The first time baby Rahul went up in flames, at just nine days old, India villagers thought his mother, Rajeswari, "set him on fire deliberately," she says. She and her family were ostracized, but worse, Rajeswari found her baby burning three more times. The now 3-month-old infant is... More »

Dead Man Spontaneously Combusted: Coroner

No cause found for highly localized blaze

(Newser) - On Dec. 22, 76-year-old Michael Faherty burned to death in his home in a blaze that, firefighters say, had no cause and was restricted to his body and the area immediately surrounding it. This week, a coroner ruled that Faherty died of spontaneous human combustion, the Irish Times reports. The... More »

2 Stories