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Facebook Posting 'Private Messages': Reports

But maybe they're just old wall postings?

(Newser) - Are people's private Facebook messages appearing in their Timelines today? French newspapers posted stories saying as much, and similar incidents cropped up in the US, reports Slate , but now TechCrunch reports that the messages from 2007 to 2009 are actually old wall posts that were never private in the... More »

Facebook Just Replaced Your Email

Gizmodo fumes over Facebook's 'ham-handed' move

(Newser) - Never liked Facebook's @facebook.com email address enough to use it? Well Facebook just changed your mind for you, making it the default email account listed on your profile. The folks at Gizmodo are fuming, and show how to undo Big Brother's handiwork. Just go to your Timeline,... More »

Facebook Timeline's Earliest Date: 1800

Not early enough for Army, Navy, universities

(Newser) - Facebook's Timeline launched for brand pages this week, and Mashable has spotted a problem: It only dates back to 1800. Sure, there aren't too many 212-year-old Facebook users, but the limitation is causing some confusion for institutions that have been around longer—particularly since once they've switched... More »

Facebook Timelines: Now on Business Cards

Website makes cards using profile data

(Newser) - The new Facebook Timelines are making their way to a decidedly low-tech medium: paper. A British printing company is offering Timeline business cards, PC Magazine reports. Moo.com uses the information in your profile to automatically create a business card with your Facebook contact information and Timeline photos, laid out... More »

It's Facebook Timeline Day! What You Need to Know

New profiles roll out today

(Newser) - Facebook Timeline is finally here. You can wait for a notification asking you to switch, or you can just click here to do it now, but either way, the new profiles are rolling out to all of Facebook’s users starting today. (Note that you won’t be able... More »

Facebook Delays Timeline Launch in Battle Over Name

Another site has 'timeline' rights

(Newser) - Whether you’re dreading it or desperate for it , you’ll have to wait at least a few more days to use Facebook’s new Timeline . There’s already an online firm called Timelines, and it’s not happy about the plan: The company, whose service is similar to what... More »

Everyone Who Unfriended You Hidden Again

Timeline made it easy to see who'd cut you off

(Newser) - If you haven’t done it yet, looks like you’ve missed your window to find out who has unfriended you on Facebook . Last week, a list of friends available in the Timeline profile pages made it clear who had removed you as a friend; they were the ones in... More »

How to See Who Unfriended You on Facebook

BuzzFeed explains how Timelines makes it a breeze

(Newser) - Tech pundits are still debating how big Facebook's new Timeline features will be—blogger Dan Lyons is in the it's-overhyped camp—but BuzzFeed has stumbled onto one indisputable fact: Timeline makes it really easy to see who has unfriended you over the years. Click here for the four-step... More »

Facebook Timeline: Is Big Brother Boring?

Writers sound off on big changes

(Newser) - The hype surrounding yesterday’s big Facebook announcement wasn’t misplaced: This really was a massive status update, and as you might expect, it’s generating a lot of comments. Here’s what people are saying:
  • “Timeline brings a long-overdue overhaul to Facebook’s interface,” which previously looked
... More »

Today's Facebook News: Prepare to Be 'Shellshocked'

Ben Parr has seen the future, and it is Facebook

(Newser) - Oh, baby. If you were peeved by Facebook's latest changes , you may want to pop a Valium. Because the changes Facebook will announce sometime after 1pm EDT at its f8 conference in San Francisco will "forever transform" Facebook, writes Ben Parr for Mashable , who was briefed on the... More »

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