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Now Tiger May Be Dumped— by Sponsors

Champ turning radioactive

(Newser) - The champ with the roving hands is getting downright embarrassing, making it likely now that sponsors will do a Tiger Woods and shop around for other hookups. Nike has got to be rethinking its relationship thanks to Woods making its catchphrase "just do it" cringe-inducing. Sponsors aren't the only... More »

EA Offers Its Answer to 'Wii Fit'

Game maker plans line of products to get couch potatoes into shape

(Newser) - Electronic Arts has become the latest game maker to target the Wii-as-personal-trainer market, USA Today reports. EA Sports Active, developed with experts including Oprah Winfrey's trainer, hits the shelves in March and aims to help users lose weight through more than 20 exercises that work the upper and lower body... More »

Realistic NCAA Football Rosters Are Video-Game Gold

Makers can't use players' names, but gamers willing to pay to get data

(Newser) - College-sports video games offer players and teams carefully designed to mirror real-world counterparts, but NCAA regulations bar use of college athletes’ names in-game. But, Ars Technica finds, fans are willing to pay those who put in the time-consuming work of compiling rosters, with one company grossing $150,000 last year... More »

Midnight Means Madden Mania

(Newser) - With the clock ticking down to the midnight release of the 2009 edition of EA Sports’ mega-popular "Madden NFL" video game, millions of eager gamers are excited to dig in—but not as excited as the manufacturer, which has made $2.4 billion from the franchise since 1995. The ... More »

EA Gets Hostile in 'Grand Theft' Takeover Bid

Video game maker plans to bypass Take-Two management

(Newser) - Electronic Arts is renewing its $2 billion bid to take over rival Take-Two Interactive—but this time the offer will go directly to the video game maker's shareholders, in a sign the potential deal may be turning hostile, reports the Wall Street Journal. EA’s initial offer was rejected by... More »

Take-Two Promises Solid 2008

Game maker upbeat despite losses; rebuffs EA takeover talks

(Newser) - Videogame maker Take-Two Interactive—owner of gamer favorites Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock—said first quarter losses jumped nearly 77% to $38 million while revenue fell some 13% to $240.4 million, reports the New York Times. But the company projected an upbeat 2008 with revenues growing 40% to $1.... More »

Dogfight Rap Kills Vick Ad Deals

Falcon pitchman loses luster after feds raid property

(Newser) - Dogfighting charges against Falcons quarterback Michael Vick have all but killed product endorsement deals for the former marketing machine, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports. Nike is "reviewing information" in Vick's case, and expired contracts aren't being renewed with Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Kraft Foods or Hasbro. "He'll disappear like a... More »

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