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Extra! Extra! Obama Win Sells Out Newspapers

Chicago Tribune , Washington Post , others go back to presses

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s victory was excellent news for the newspaper business. Papers sold out so fast the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and Cincinnati Enquirer fired up presses for a second run, with the Post rattling off 150,000 extra copies. Lines formed outside the New York Times building and Tribune... More »

Dogfight Rap Kills Vick Ad Deals

Falcon pitchman loses luster after feds raid property

(Newser) - Dogfighting charges against Falcons quarterback Michael Vick have all but killed product endorsement deals for the former marketing machine, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports. Nike is "reviewing information" in Vick's case, and expired contracts aren't being renewed with Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Kraft Foods or Hasbro. "He'll disappear like a... More »

2 Stories