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Pope Francis Arrives: 5 Unusual Details of His Visit

It's a big deal

(Newser) - Pope Francis sets foot on US soil at 4pm today (full schedule here ), and officials in DC, New York, and Philly are scrambling to ensure a smooth, safe stay. Here are five of the more unusual details of his visit:
  1. The visit has spurred one of the largest security
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Bill: No More First-Class Flights for Lawmakers

Taxpayers should only cover coach seats, House sponsors say

(Newser) - If federal lawmakers want to kick back in first-class, they'll have to do it on their own dime—or so hopes a new House bill. "At a time of massive deficits and with a national debt in excess of $17 trillion, members of Congress should not be using... More »

Accessory to Murder? Holder Cries Foul on GOP Charge

Rhetoric on Fast and Furious program is out of hand, he tells Congress

(Newser) - When a congressman suggested that White House officials could be charged with accessory to murder over the botched Fast and Furious gun-tracking program , he apparently touched a nerve. Attorney General Eric Holder fired off an unusually aggressive five-page letter to Congress complaining about the "base" level of public discourse,... More »

3 Stories