Values Voter Summit

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Top Righty Group Disses Ron Paul as 'an Outlier'

Straw poll doesn't represent national mood: Tony Perkins

(Newser) - Sure, Ron Paul may have won the Values Voter Summit straw poll —but that doesn't mean values voters like him, a social conservative activist says. The head of the Family Research Council told CNN 's American Morning that, "when you look at everything," Paul, who... More »

Ron Paul Wins GOP Straw Poll; Cain Tops Perry

Perry's 'heartless' remark on immigration may hurt him

(Newser) - Supporters of Ron Paul continue to prove their savvy at winning straw polls. This time, Paul walked off with the today's Values Voter Summit straw poll in Washington, DC, taking 37% of the vote, Politico reports. The event for social conservatives gave Herman Cain 23%, Rick Santorum 16%, and... More »

Romney Blasts 'Poisonous Language' of Fellow Speaker

But he wasn't talking about yesterday's 'cult' slam

(Newser) - Mitt Romney got his turn at the podium at the Values Voter Summit today, though he didn't address yesterday's very public slam by a Baptist pastor that Mormonism is a cult . Instead, he criticized the "poisonous language" of the speaker who was to follow him—Bryan Fischer... More »

Baptist Perry Backer Calls Mormonism a 'Cult'

Dallas pastor wants evangelicals to snub Mitt Romney

(Newser) - Rick Perry spoke today at the conservative Values Voter Summit, but the guy who introduced him seems to be stealing all the headlines. That would be Robert Jeffress, a Baptist pastor of a Dallas megachurch who told reporters later that Mormonism is a "cult" and that evangelicals should therefore... More »

'Values' Voters Like Mike Pence for President

Indiana congressman wins straw poll at summit

(Newser) - A straw vote suggests that social conservatives favor Indiana Rep. Mike Pence to head a Republican presidential ticket in 2012. In voting at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit, the Indiana Republican finished a surprise first (24%), ahead of Mike Huckabee (22%), Mitt Romney (13%), Newt Gingrich (10%), and... More »

The Seven Deadly Sins of Prejean's Speech

(Newser) - For some reason, people are still listening to Carrie Prejean. The Value Voters Summit even had her give a speech recently (see video). But Prejean made a few mistakes, or sins if you like, writes Oliver Miller for
  • Pride: “You know who doesn’t feel the need
... More »

Pawlenty Rips Obama's Pre-9/11-Style 'Appeasement'

Blasts talks with Iran, N. Korea, says similar moves didn't stop Nazis, Soviets, terrorists

(Newser) - Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a possible Republican presidential contender in 2012, tonight compared President Obama’s diplomatic moves on Iran, North Korea and the missile shield to pre-World War II and pre-9/11 “appeasement,” Politico reports. “The lessons of history are clear,” he told Christian conservatives. “... More »

'God Chose Me' to Defend Marriage: Prejean

'I had the courage and the bravery that a lot of people don’t have': ex-Miss Calif.

(Newser) - Carrie Prejean says she believes she was divinely chosen as a defender of traditional marriage, Politico reports. “God had a plan for me” when he arranged for her to answer Perez Hilton’s question on gay marriage during the 2009 Miss USA pageant, Prejean told the Value Voters Summit... More »

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