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Giant 'Sea Monster' Finally Surfaces

12-foot squid gets ogled in Japan's Toyama Bay

(Newser) - Huge sea creatures steeped in ancient lore don't often hang out by the shore with spectators—but one did in Japan this Christmas Eve. People on a pier in Toyama Bay saw a giant squid swim up near the surface, slip under boats, and tangle harmlessly with a local... More »

Amphibious 'Sea Monster' Made the Move to Water

Ancient ichthyosaur reveals missing link to evolutionary record

(Newser) - Scientists have found a real, not-live "sea monster" they say finally fills an evolutionary gap between sea and land dwellers around the time of the dinosaurs. Cartorhynchus lenticarpus—imagine a dolphin with huge flippers and a short snout—made waves in what is now China 248 million years ago,... More »

In Nevada, Proof of the Kraken?

Paleontologist: ichthyosaur fossils could indicate existence of sea monster

(Newser) - Sasquatch should be really nervous right now... First, Siberian officials announced they had proof that Yeti exists . Now a Massachusetts paleontologist says he has indirect evidence that the fearsome kraken once roamed the seas. At the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, Mark McMenamin yesterday posited that the... More »

3 Stories