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Furious Europe Rips Israel Over New Settlements

UK, France, Sweden summon ambassadors to express displeasure

(Newser) - Israel's decision to approve 3,000 new homes on occupied territory is drawing sharp condemnation from European allies, with at least three governments summoning ambassadors to express their disapproval of an action they say undermines an already troubled peace process. Israeli envoys were called out in France, Britain, and... More »

UC Muslims Appealing Free-Speech Conviction

They got fines, community service for disrupting speech by Israeli ambassador

(Newser) - Ten Muslim students are appealing a conviction for disrupting a speech by an Israeli ambassador presented at a Unversity of California campus. The controversial case is seen as a test of the right to dissent. The students last year shouted out preplanned phrases to interfere with the ambassdor's speech... More »

2 Stories