San Francisco earthquake

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Bay Area's Next 'Big One' Might Not Be One

It's more likely to be a cluster of earthquakes: researchers

(Newser) - If you're a Californian living in fear of the inevitable next "Big One" to hit the San Francisco Bay Area, well, we're not sure if you'll find this comforting or not: A new study from USGS scientists finds that the next "Big One" is more... More »

Twin Quakes Jolt SF, Berkeley

Small quakes hit hours after California holds annual drill

(Newser) - Two earthquakes shook the San Francisco Bay Area yesterday, the same day that California held its annual earthquake preparedness drill and nearly 22 years to the day after a quake killed 63 people in northern California. A 4.0-magnitude quake hit the Bay Area, centered near Berkeley, at 2:30... More »

2 Stories