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Group Wants Schools to Drop 'Midgets' Nickname

Little People of America makes its case

(Newser) - As with many small towns, the biggest source of bragging rights in this agrarian outpost in southern Illinois are its high school athletes—the Freeburg Midgets. Though town lore traces the mascot's origin to a local reporter who was impressed by the school's short basketball team beating larger... More »

Lifting Dwarf-Toss Ban Would Help 'Drunk Bullies'

Politician claims 'abusive, degrading' activity would be good for jobs

(Newser) - A Florida legislator is pushing the state to repeal its 22-year-old ban on "dwarf tossing"—throwing a person with dwarfism, often against a Velcro wall and usually done by drunks at a bar. Rep. Ritch Workman says he is doing it for the "freedom" of little people,... More »

2 Stories