Lindsay Lohan Playboy

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Is This Playboy's Last Shot at Relevancy?

Magazine, Lindsay Lohan both looking a bit desperate

(Newser) - There's plenty of buzz around Lindsey Lohan's upcoming appearance in Playboy , and even suggestions that it could revive the former child star's film career, but it seems like "a last gasp for relevancy by the aging magazine" to Rene Lynch at the Los Angeles Times . The... More »

Hef: 'Very Classy' LiLo Completely Nude in Playboy

And, not surprisingly, inspired by Marilyn

(Newser) - When you hear the word “classy,” surely you think of Lindsay Lohan, in her birthday suit, in Playboy—right? Well, Hugh Hefner apparently assumes you do, because he assures The Insider that Lohan’s spread is “classy. Very classy.” (And is she, as rumored , completely naked?... More »

Lohan Posing in Playboy for $1M

Despite legal problems, shoot reportedly already started

(Newser) - It's a long way from The Parent Trap. Tabloid regular and occasional actress Lindsay Lohan is heading to the pages of Playboy magazine—for close to $1 million, reports TMZ . The famous girlie mag apparently offered $750,000, but LiLo wanted a full $1 million. She didn't get... More »

3 Stories