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Caitlyn Jenner Says She 'Knew' OJ Did It

She recounts post-trial conversation with Robert Kardashian

(Newser) - Caitlyn Jenner made a headline-grabbing comment while promoting her new memoir The Secrets of My Life : She says she "knew he did it," the "he" being OJ Simpson. Jenner—who was married for 24 years to Kris Jenner, ex-wife of Simpson friend and defense lawyer Robert Kardashian—... More »

9 Amazing Highlights From NYT's Kris Jenner Profile

For one thing, she loves Costco

(Newser) - An extensive New York Times Magazine profile of Kris Jenner comes to the conclusion that the Kardashian matriarch is pretty much responsible for her family's insane success—and it includes some pretty great lines, to boot. Our faves:
  • What it's like to be Kris Jenner: Every day that
... More »

Kim's Present for Duchess Kate: Really Ugly Shoes

Plus: Khloe's not really a Kardashian, and more K-news

(Newser) - Kate Middleton turned 30 on Monday, so of course Kim Kardashian got her a present. If by "got her a present," you mean "designed an unfortunate-looking pair of shoes and then named it 'The Duchess' in an effort to pump up sales." Glamour points to... More »

Kris Jenner: I Think OJ Killed Nicole

Kardashian mom says Nicole asked to meet on day of death

(Newser) - Kris Jenner’s ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, famously defended OJ Simpson when he was accused of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson—but Jenner "never believed OJ, not for a second," she writes in a new tell-all previewed by Radar . Nicole, Jenner’s best friend, feared OJ was going to kill... More »

4 Stories