Tom Monaghan

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Domino's Founder Grows His Catholic-Friendly Town

After a year, Florida's Ave Maria boasts close to 1K residents

(Newser) - Almost a year after opening, Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan’s made-to-order Catholic town is growing. Although the 1,000 residents of Ave Maria, Fla., are not exclusively Catholic, the town wears it identity on its sleeve: The only coffee shop plays Mass on TV 24/7, and the bookstores prominently... More »

Pizza Mogul Orders Town, University

Domino's founder courts controversy with new Florida development

(Newser) - Ten years in the making, Ave Maria University and the eponymous town built around it by Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan will open Saturday. Monaghan is a devout Catholic, and the university—and to some extent the town—will reflect that. Intended as what Monaghan calls a "fresh, faithful... More »

2 Stories