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Paraglider Dies in Fall as Daughter Watches

She was in tandem flight with him when he fell out of harness

(Newser) - A veteran paraglider taking his teen daughter on a tandem flight fell to his death, but she managed to survive the crash landing that followed. Other paragliders say that 60-year-old Ron Faoro, a veterinarian in Santa Barbara, apparently forgot to strap his legs into the harness before setting off for... More »

Paraglider Charged With Harassing Owl

Former TV pitchman in Utah allegedly kicked one

(Newser) - A paraglider accused of chasing and kicking a barn owl is looking at possible jail time and six-figure fines as a result, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . The accused, Dell Schanze, was allegedly featured in a since-deleted YouTube video showing off his owl-harassing ways. Federal wildlife officials weren't amused,... More »

Himalayan Vulture Brings Down Paraglider

Man—and bird—survive collision

(Newser) - A bird of prey nearly made a Russian paraglider's first flight over the Himalayas his last one. Video from a helmet camera captured the moment when two Himalayan griffon vultures swooped on the Russian. One of them became entangled in the flier's parachute. Luckily, the 24-year-old paraglider was... More »

3 Stories