garbage dump

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New Wrinkle in Etan Patz Case: No Sanitation Records

Curb-to-landfill records stretch back to 1989

(Newser) - Etan Patz's killer may have been found, but the same may never be said for the 6-year-old's remains. If Pedro Hernandez did indeed kill Etan and put his body in a Dumpster, figuring out which landfill the body wound up in would be a painstaking task even if... More »

Rome Dump Threatens Hadrian's Villa

Prince, environmentalists battle garbage plan

(Newser) - Old Hadrian can't seem to escape the city. The 2nd-century Roman emperor built a new villa and plush outbuildings in Tivoli to escape the noises and smells of Rome. But the city is about to open a new dump next door. There goes the neighborhood. Riding to the rescue... More »

2 Stories