Pakistan nuclear weapons

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Militants Storm Pakistan Air Base

9 die in assault on suspected nuclear base

(Newser) - Militants stormed an air base in Pakistan early Thursday morning in a brazen attack bound to raise fears about the security of the country's nuclear weapons. The team of eight militants, who all died in the attack, fought their way inside the Minras air base with automatic weapons and... More »

Have Terrorists Attacked Pakistan Nuke Sites 6 Times?

Pakistan 'too nuclear to fail,' Bachmann warns

(Newser) - At last night's Republican debate, Michele Bachmann—calling Pakistan "too nuclear to fail"—made the alarming claim that six attempts had been made on the nation's 15 nuclear sites. "This is more than an existential threat. We have to take this very seriously," she... More »

Pakistan Constantly Moves Nukes in Unprotected Vans hide them from its American 'allies'

(Newser) - Pakistan works hard to protect its nuclear arsenal, but not from terrorists—from the US. In a huge Atlantic article provocatively titled “The Ally from Hell,” Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder reveal that Pakistan is so afraid of a US move to steal or disable its arsenal—particularly... More »

3 Stories