Black Midnight

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Walmart's 'Black Friday' to Start 2 Hours Earlier

On Thursday, doors will open at 8pm

(Newser) - Last year Black Friday became Black Midnight . This year, Walmart is instituting Black Thanksgiving Dessert Hour. That's right: The store's doors will open at 8pm on Thanksgiving, a full two hours earlier than they opened last year, reports the Wall Street Journal . And in a bid to ensure... More »

Yep, 'Black Midnight' Worked

Analysts say earlier hours could become the norm

(Newser) - Despite outcry and even protests beforehand, it appears the strategy of opening as early as 10pm Thursday night worked for Black Friday retailers, meaning “ Black Midnight ” or even “ Black Thursday ” will likely become the norm. The Los Angeles Times reports that Toys R Us, Sears, and... More »

Let's End Black Friday Craze With 6-6-6 Plan

Writer suggests special tax for goods bought during the madness

(Newser) - Like a lot of people, economics professor Robert H. Frank hates that Black Friday is now creeping into Thanksgiving Day itself. Unlike most, he's got a suggestion to stop the madness. With apologies to Herman Cain, he proposes a 6-6-6 plan: a 6% national sales tax on stuff bought... More »

Forget Black Midnight: Now It's Black Thursday

And analysts warn more stores will jump on the bandwagon

(Newser) - Black Friday became “ Black Midnight ” this year—but analysts say it’s actually “Black Thursday,” as many stores are planning to open on Thanksgiving itself. Walmart, Toys R Us, and Kmart are among the chains barely giving customers a chance to digest their turkey dinner... More »

Send a Message on 'Black Midnight': Stay Home

Let's not sacrifice Thanksgiving for a big sale: Michelle Singletary

(Newser) - Now that big retailers are opening on the night of Thankgsiving to extend the Black Friday shopping madness, Michelle Singletary has a request: "People, please stay home," she writes in the Washington Post . Black Friday is crazy enough as is, and opening the doors even earlier is yet... More »

Target Worker Fights 'Black Midnight' Hours

Shifts start at 11pm on Thanksgiving, to employees' dismay

(Newser) - If you rolled your eyes at the news that some stores are opening at midnight on Black Friday, imagine how the employees of those stores feel. Target parking attendant Anthony Hardwick says that for his Black Friday shift—which starts at 11pm on Thursday—he’ll “have to go... More »

Stores Turn Black Friday Into Black Midnight

Target, Macy's kicking off holiday shopping season earlier than ever

(Newser) - This year's Black Friday probably won't be the most lucrative for big American retailers—but for some, it will be the longest. For the first time, Macy's and Target are planning to open their doors and kick off the holiday shopping season at midnight on Thanksgiving night,... More »

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