Karen Kraushaar

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Cain Accuser Won't Share More Details Unless...

...The two other anonymous women come forward

(Newser) - It looks like Herman Cain might be able to end the week without any fresh sexual harassment headlines. One of his accusers, former National Restaurant Association employee Karen Kraushaar, hoped to hold a joint press conference with the other three accusers , but two of them haven't responded to her... More »

Cain PAC Site Calls Female Accusers 'Bitch,' 'Bimbo'

Also, his attorney warns other women to 'think twice' before coming forward

(Newser) - The Herman Cain PAC site is carrying blog posts that refer to women who have accused the candidate of sex harassment as a "bitch" and a "bimbo." Cain's attorney, meanwhile, is warning any new sex harassment accusers to "think twice" before they go public, reports... More »

Cain Accuser Filed Complaint at Next Job

Claimed unfair treatment 3 years later at INS job

(Newser) - The Herman Cain accuser who walked off with $45,000 over what he dismisses as an innocent comment about her height filed a complaint three years later at another federal job. In an effort to gain insight into how Karen Kraushaar responded to workplace conflict, the AP takes a look... More »

2nd Public Cain Accuser Hopes Others Come Forward

Karen Kraushaar thinks a joint press conference would work

(Newser) - She hoped to remain anonymous , but no such luck for Herman Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar. The 55-year-old is one of two women who got a financial settlement from the National Restaurant Association, and she's speaking out after her name was made public in the Daily today. Kraushaar, a spokesperson... More »

4 Stories