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Low-Level Crime Pays Pretty Well

Criminals make double the average made legally by high school dropouts

(Newser) - Crime not only pays, it pays relatively well—about $900 per week. So say researchers who compared past surveys of nonviolent, low-level criminals to come up with the best guess on their illegal earnings. Such a figure isn't easy to reach since criminals aren't keen to report illegal... More »

Cocaine, Meth Can Mess With Your Morals

Stimulant use is particularly prevalent in criminal populations, researchers say

(Newser) - Which comes first, the hard drugs or the criminal behavior? Researchers asked essentially that in a study just published in the journal Psychopharmacology in which they investigate whether cocaine and meth use might hamper moral judgment on a neurological level. The short answer is probably, though further research is required.... More »

Inside the Mind of an Infamous Sex Offender

Former colleague wanted to find Peter Braunstein remorseful. He didn't

(Newser) - Before Oct. 31, 2005, Aaron Gell thought only of Peter Braunstein as a former colleague—he was a writer at Women’s Wear Daily when Gell was an editor at W. Afterward, he and the rest of the world came to know Braunstein as "the Fire Fiend" or "... More »

Those Who Believe in Pure Evil Tend to Support This

And the issue becomes more black-and-white

(Newser) - As Nebraska becomes the 19th state to abolish capital punishment, researchers out of Kansas State University have been investigating just what makes some Americans more fervently in favor of the death penalty than others. One clear factor, they report in the journal Personality and Individual Differences , is whether someone believes... More »

Psychopaths' Brains Don't Register Punishment

Brain scans find striking abnormalities

(Newser) - Psychopaths just don't grasp punishment the way normal people do. So say researchers who used MRI scans to analyze the brains of 12 violent psychopathic criminals, 20 violent criminals who are not psychopaths, and 18 healthy controls who are not criminals. It turns out that the psychopath cohort had... More »

Gangster Blows Up Prison Doors, Busts Out

Redoine Faid sparks huge manhunt

(Newser) - A French gangster inspired by movies like Scarface and Heat broke out of prison yesterday and sparked a manhunt across Europe, CNN reports. Redoine Faid, 40, briefly held four guards hostage and blew up several prison doors before fleeing in a getaway car. He later set fire to his car... More »

Crooks With Tats: Cops Can Track You So Easily

Unique tattoos make suspects easy to identify

(Newser) - Wearing a unique tattoo? May be better to avoid a career in crime, because police are tracking down suspects more often based on their tats, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Case in point: Police in St. Petersburg, Florida, were hunting for a bank robber with the forearm tattoo "Most... More »

Booming 'Murderabilia' Sales Spur Outrage

Victims' rights advocates slam 'insidious and despicable industry'

(Newser) - Sales of the personal effects, letters, and even fingernail clippings of mass murderers and serial killers are stronger than ever thanks to the Internet, but victims' rights advocates say it's time to end the trade in "murderabilia," the Washington Post reports. Only eight states have laws banning... More »

Ralph Nader: Impeach 'War Criminal' Obama

If Bush, Cheney were criminals, Obama is too

(Newser) - Ralph Nader, often a candidate for president and never a fan of the president or anyone who wants to be president , has quickly condemned President Obama's action in Libya , branding him a "war criminal," Mediaite reports. Sound familiar? Nader had the same pet name for George W Bush... More »

Why I Married a Murderer

Columnist Amy Friedman fell for man during jail visits

(Newser) - We hear stories about women who write love letters to convicted murderers, women in love with inmates—pieces that label the women “crazy ladies.” The fact is, you don’t have to be crazy to marry a murderer, writes Amy Friedman in Salon . She should know: she did... More »

Future Criminal? Unless He Learns Self-Control

Get a grip early or kids will pay later, says study

(Newser) - Bad kids grow up to be bad adults—unless they learn a little self-control. That's the gist of a new study out of New Zealand which shows that a lack of such control remains consistent through adulthood unless it is caught early and addressed. More than 1,000 kids were... More »

Cops Using Facebook to Bust Dumb Criminals

Lack of privacy can be a good thing for investigators

(Newser) - Oversharing on Facebook makes it easier for your boss to fire you , your insurer to hike up your rates , and, apparently, your local police officer to arrest you. It seems not-too-bright criminals have a habit of bragging about their misdeeds on social networking sites—sometimes even including photos—which has... More »

Fans Lament Fall of the Barefoot Bandit

Thousands still pulling for Harris-Moore to 'stick it to the man'

(Newser) - US and Bahamas law enforcement may be thrilled that Colton Harris-Moore's two-year crime spree has ended in capture, but more than 85,000 online fans of the Barefoot Bandit are still rooting for him. "Stick it to the man," one fan wrote on a Facebook page devoted to... More »

Cops Bust Crook ... in Pile of Teddy Bears

Man's sneakers sticking out gave away his carnival hideout

(Newser) - He might have gotten away with it, but for those darn sneakers. An El Paso man running from the law at a carnival was captured when police said they spotted David Caro's sneakers poking out beneath a pile of stuffed teddy bears. Authorities say Caro was trying to hide after... More »

Alleged Jewel Thief Leaves Trail—in Snow

Police had no trouble following suspect to relative's house

(Newser) - Police in Illinois used a cutting-edge technique to apprehend a suspected jewel thief: They followed his footprints in the snow. When a Des Plaines woman came home Tuesday night to find a man rifling through her jewelry, the culprit fled out her back door, reports the Chicago Tribune . Police arrived... More »

Apple Pulls Sex Offender App

App Store withdraws paid version of 'Offender Locator'

(Newser) - Apple's App Store will no longer sell “Offender Locator,” an iPhone add-on for tracking sex offenders, CNET reports. The company offered no explanation, and it pulled only the paid version of the hugely popular application—leaving “Offender Locator Lite” available. It's possible that the software ran afoul... More »

Bold Gem Heist Gang Is Toast of Serbia

'Pink Panthers' blamed for over 100 daring robberies worldwide

(Newser) - A 200-strong gang of global jewel thieves has become the bane of Interpol and heroes to many in their native Serbia, the Los Angeles Times reports. The "Pink Panthers" live among the many refugees from the Balkan wars scattered around the world. They are blamed for at least 100... More »

Record 10% of US Convicts Serving Life

(Newser) - Almost 10% of prisoners incarcerated in the US are serving life sentences, an all-time high, the New York Times reports. In California, which maintains the nation’s highest prison population, that number is 20%, says a report from the Sentencing Project, a group that wants to eliminate life-without-parole sentences. Two-thirds... More »

Saudi Arabia Displays Beheaded Convict

(Newser) - Saudi Arabian authorities decapitated and publicly displayed a convicted killer last night, drawing fire from Amnesty International, CNN reports. A state press agency said Ahmed Al-Shamlani Al-Anzi was sentenced for murdering an 11-year-old boy and his father. The Saudis likely sewed Al-Anzi's head back on before his display, or "... More »

The Best Prison Breaks

Frenchman's joins infamous company with clever escape

(Newser) - A Frenchman’s daring escape from a London prison—Julien Chautard turned himself in yesterday after busting out by gripping the bottom of a prisoner transport van as it left the courtyard—gets Jon Henley, in the Guardian, thinking about the best such tries ever. His highlights: More »

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