Occupy Portland

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Portland to Pepper-Sprayed Protester: You Owe Us $7K

College student protester refuses to drop appeal

(Newser) - The city of Portland, Ore., is trying to claw back $7,116 from an Occupy protester one of its police officers pepper-sprayed in the mouth. Elizabeth Nichols sued the city for excessive force, claiming that she suffered excruciating pain in her eyes and throat after the incident, along with nightmares... More »

Can Occupy Survive Without Zuccotti Park?

Plus, an update on yesterday's arrests

(Newser) - What’s the future of an Occupy movement that doesn't have a space to occupy? Experts offer a range of suggestions for those who have been booted from Zuccotti Park: "At this point, I think they should quickly migrate to the Washington Monument," an NYU professor of... More »

Occupy LA Seeks Restraining Order Against Cops

They have right to 'peaceful' encampment, say attorneys

(Newser) - Occupy Los Angeles protesters have gone to court to demand a temporary restraining order to stop police from clearing out their encampment without prior notice. Attorneys say demonstrators have a right to notice because the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution in support of them as they long as... More »

Cops Storm Occupy Portland

50 Busted, Protesters Take to Streets

(Newser) - Hundreds of defiant protesters took to the streets yesterday after cops stormed Occupy Portland encampments and busted 50 people. Mayor Sam Adams ordered the camps shut because of what he called unhealthy conditions and increased crime triggered by drug users and thieves drawn to the sites, reports AP . Authorities erected... More »

4 Stories