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Google Halts Glass Sales for 'Transition'

New, improved version will be out this year, company says

(Newser) - Google is calling time on the first phase of its Glass experiment, but it promises that it will be back with an improved version of the smart eyewear. The company says sales of the $1,500 Google Glass through its Explorer program will end on Monday for a "transition"... More »

Google Wants to Scan Your ... Bloodstream?

Google X project investigates disease-detecting nanoparticles

(Newser) - What if you could swallow a pill that regularly sweeps your bloodstream for diseases at their earliest points of development, warning you of cancer or a heart attack? Researchers at the semi-secretive Google X , a branch of Google a half-mile from its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., have just announced... More »

Google Launches Balloons That Beam the Internet

One balloon could provide service to New York-sized area

(Newser) - Wrinkled and skinny at first, the translucent, jellyfish-shaped balloons that Google released this week from a frozen field in the heart of New Zealand's South Island hardened into shiny pumpkins as they rose, passing the first big test of a lofty goal to get the entire planet online. It... More »

Inside Google X Lab: Office Robots, Space Elevators

'Google X' lab envisions future of technology

(Newser) - To Google is to search, but in the future it could mean much more. Google operates a secret lab in the Bay Area devoted to projects far beyond the cutting-edge: ideas like robots that go to the office for you and dinner plates that communicate with your social network, the... More »

4 Stories