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Lessons From a Cuban Roadtrip

(Newser) - NPR reporter Jason Beaubien didn’t plan to drive across Cuba, but it did provide an apt look at the many problems the island faces. The “Spanish phrase ‘No hay,’ meaning ‘there's no fill-in-the-blank,’ was a constant refrain on this trip,” he reports. The... More »

Belgium Flails as PM Quits in Bailout Scandal

Replacing him tricky as deeply divided nation slips into recession

(Newser) - Belgium is seeking to emerge from its third political crisis in the space of a year after PM Yves Leterme stepped down yesterday in a banking scandal. His government was accused of trying to influence a court case involving the bailout of Fortis, one of the first big banks to... More »

Euro Leaders Hope to Emerge With Crisis Action Plan Today

Europe scrambles to shore up banks

(Newser) - European leaders hoped to emerge today from a meeting in Paris with a detailed unified action plan to address the continuing worldwide economic crisis, Reuters reports. Banks continued to hold emergency talks today with officials in the British government, which is about to purchase major equity stakes in the nation's... More »

Odinga Rejects Unity Rule; Kenya Health Crisis Looms

Aid chiefs sound alarm in wake of chaos

(Newser) - Opposition leader Raila Odinga today rejected President Mwai Kibaki's offer of a unity government and demanded an international mediator, AP reports. "We want a properly negotiated settlement, not a coalition government," Odinga said, warning that his party would stage more rallies, threatening a new burst of violence after... More »

Next World Bank Prez Meets World

Zoellick begins circuit to meet and greet bank's poorest clients

(Newser) - Former trade rep Robert Zoellick embarked on a world tour yesterday, in advance of his likely ascension to president of the World Bank this month. Zoellick will stop in Africa to visit the bank's largest beneficiaries, and Europe to schmooze with its largest donors. "I want to leave no... More »

Musharraf's Crisis Spreads to Bush

Administration rethinks friendship with embattled Pakistani prez

(Newser) - The Bush administration is weighing its previously unflinching alliance with Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf, the Journal reports, as Islamabad spirals into political crisis. The Pentagon is brainstorming post-Pervez scenarios, and some insiders are even pushing for distance from the increasingly autocratic general-president. More »

Wolfowitz Torpedoed 2nd Chance

Repeated the same mistakes at the Pentagon, World Bank

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz clung to his job at the World Bank with characteristic tenacity, but friends and colleagues tell the New York Times that his failure there may have been inevitable. He approached the bank position with the same single-mindedness he displayed at the Pentagon, where he was blind to dissenting... More »

Wolfowitz Catches Hell From Angry World Bank Managers

(Newser) - Top managers at the World Bank held a tense closed-door meeting with Paul Wolfowitz last week, details of which have leaked to the Times. Managing director Graeme Wheeler told the sullied president he would cause “fantastic damage” by staying at the bank, which is facing "the biggest crisis... More »

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