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Study Floats New Theory on Why We Can't Find Aliens

Quick evolution may be the key to cosmic survival

(Newser) - Two astrobiologists have a new explanation for why we haven't found alien life: It didn't evolve quickly enough to keep its planet habitable. "Most early planetary environments are unstable," Aditya Chopra says in a press release . "To produce a habitable planet, life forms need to... More »

'Large Regions' of Mars Are Habitable

But no sign of aliens, spaceships: researchers

(Newser) - More fascinating news about the potential for life on Mars . Some 3% of Mars' volume is capable of sustaining life, Australian scientists have found—more than the 1% of Earth that contains living things. Researchers based their findings on a comparison between the two planets' temperature and pressure attributes, AFP... More »

Jupiter Moon Lakes Might Support Life

Vast lakes lie just beneath Europa's icy surface: Scientists

(Newser) - The chances of life existing on Jupiter's ice-covered moon Europa—and of Earthlings being able to find it—are looking a lot stronger, NASA scientists say. A vast ocean is believed to lie beneath as much as 20 miles of ice on Europa, but new research suggests that huge... More »

3 Stories