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Witness: Sandusky Had a 'Wonderful Reputation'

Jury could have the case by Thursday, judge says

(Newser) - Friends and ex-colleagues of Jerry Sandusky testified today on behalf of the former Penn State assistant football coach's "wonderful reputation" as his defense sought to counter prosecution witnesses' claims that he sexually abused boys. Judge John Cleland told jurors that the defense could rest its case by Wednesday,... More »

Sandusky Witness: I Screamed During Rapes

Final prosecution witness describes brutal attacks

(Newser) - The final prosecution witness in the Jerry Sandusky rape trial gave the most harrowing testimony yet. The young man, now 18, said a three-year relationship with Sandusky began when he was 12 years old, and it wasn't long before the sexual assaults began, reports the Daily Beast . He testified... More »

Victim: Sandusky Threatened Me to Keep Me Quiet

Victim 10 and Victim 7 testify in Sandusky trial

(Newser) - More heartbreaking testimony from the Jerry Sandusky trial: A 25-year-old man, called Victim 10 by prosecutors, testified today that the former Penn State coach threatened him after sexually assaulting him. Sandusky first performed oral sex on the then-11-year-old, a foster child, before telling him that "if I ever told... More »

Paterno Had Close Ties to Sandusky Charity

Links could have motivated him to keep quiet: victims' lawyer

(Newser) - And the bad publicity continues for Joe Paterno: The former Penn State football coach had deep ties to Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile charity, writes Sarah Ryley in The Daily . Paterno worked closely with Second Mile board members, including longtime chairman Robert Poole, and right around the time Paterno allegedly... More »

3% of Pennsylvanians Still View Sandusky Favorably

Plus: Alleged victims plan to sue Second Mile charity

(Newser) - Despite his reported role in the Penn State sex abuse scandal, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that 51% of people surveyed in a recent Public Policy Poll still view beloved coach Joe Paterno favorably. You probably also won’t be shocked to hear that 88% of respondents... More »

Charity Tainted in Penn State Case May Close

Second Mile chief says funds might be transferred elsewhere

(Newser) - In the not-so-surprising department, the charity at the center of the Penn State rape allegations may shut down. The chief of Second Mile tells the New York Times that the charity is looking into how to transfer its money to other nonprofits that help disadvantage kids. He later tempered that... More »

Big Break in Sandusky Investigation: Online Post

Police talked to McQueary after spotting rumor of Sandusky cover-up

(Newser) - A vital break in the investigation into Jerry Sandusky's alleged sexual abuse of young boys came from a posting in a forum where people chatted about Penn State athletics, the New York Times finds in a detailed look at the case. Investigators—who already suspected that the former defensive... More »

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