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Einstein Safe: Neutrinos Do Not Break Light Speed

New experiment shows particles at identical speed with light

(Newser) - Einstein's theory apparently remains untouchable, and flabbergasted theoretical physicists can cease hyperventilating: Neutrinos do not exceed the speed of light, but they do appear to travel at the same speed as light, according to the results of a recent experiment. The new data confirm Einstein's foundational ideas and... More »

Faster-Than-Light Findings All Wrong: New Study

Scientists refute labmates' shocking results

(Newser) - The scientists who said they recorded particles traveling faster than light in September —and then confirmed their own findings last week —have it wrong, international scientists in Italy say. The ICARUS project, based in the same laboratory as the OPERA experiment, argued that if the particles had traveled... More »

2nd Test Finds Faster-Than-Light Particles

Result backs up much-hyped, and much criticized, earlier experiment

(Newser) - The international physics team OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion Tracking Apparatus) has managed to recreate the result that shocked the physics world , again detecting a batch of subatomic particles moving faster than the speed of light, the Washington Post reports. The "positive outcome of the test makes us more... More »

3 Stories