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Hollywood Contracts Cover Entire Universe

Locking up intergalactic rights is 'standard' procedure

(Newser) - If someone on Mars wants to broadcast America’s Got Talent, they’ll have to go through NBC first. Contestants on the show sign away the rights to their performances “in all media, throughout the universe,” and similar intergalactic language peppers most entertainment industry contracts. “I think... More »

Writers, Studios Agree Only That Stakes Are High

'We have to get this one right,' striker says of long-term implications

(Newser) - The $150 million or so the Writers Guild's demands would cost over the next 3 years is chump change by studio standards, but the long-term stakes in the deadlocked 2-month-old strike are high, reports the Washington Post. It's now or never for the writers to seal their piece of the... More »

Amazon Sings New Tune for Online Music

Web giant will sell non-piracy-protected tracks in digital store

(Newser) - Amazon is going where Apple tried (and failed) to: a DRM-free online music store. Set to launch this year, Amazon’s venture won't sell tracks protected by digital rights management, the anti-copying technology that music labels have required Apple’s iTunes to use. To stay DRM-free, Amazon will partner with... More »

3 Stories