Pere Lachaise

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Jim Morrison's Birthplace Wants Him Back

Fla. city councilman seeks move from Paris

(Newser) - The Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris has long been rumored to be getting tired of its most famous American resident—and the tributes his fans leave behind—but a fan in Jim Morrison's Florida birthplace says he has a new home for the the Doors singer. John Tice, a... More »

Oscar Wilde Lovers Can't Kiss His Tomb Anymore

Lipstick-covered monument now scrubbed, protected by glass

(Newser) - The days of puckering up to leave a lipstick kiss on Oscar Wilde's tomb are over for all but the most intrepid devotees. Hordes of adoring visitors have made their pilgrimage to the writer's final resting spot in the Pêre Lachaise cemetery in Paris and left their... More »

2 Stories