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Mom Finds $9K Meant for ISIS in Son's Dirty Shorts: Prosecutor

Aussie youth to testify against 2 men allegedly trying to transfer money to militants

(Newser) - In a case that had even the judge and prosecutor making money-laundering puns, a young Australian has been granted immunity for testifying against two men allegedly trying to send money to ISIS, the Guardian reports. The unnamed youth's role in the suspected crime: At the supposed directive of 23-year-old... More »

CIA Spying on Overseas Money Transfers: Reports

Other methods of "bulk collection" likely still unknown

(Newser) - Think your international money transfer is free from prying eyes? Not so, according to the New York Times , which reports the CIA is secretly collecting info from companies like Western Union under the Patriot Act—the same law the NSA cites when nabbing phone records. It's possible the names... More »

Western Union Resurrects Singing Telegram

But will anyone pay for them, 'Time' wonders?

(Newser) - Why send an email when you can send a singing telegram? Western Union is bringing the old-timey method of communication back, but with—of course—a modern twist. Sadly, Western Union operators will not actually deliver the telegrams or sing in person. But starting tomorrow, when wu-singingtelegram.com goes live,... More »

3 Stories