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See Snakes Let Loose at Tax Office

Man angry he didn't get a parcel of land

(Newser) - As reported earlier , a venomous North Indian snake charmer got back at government bureaucrats the best way he knew—by releasing cobras in their office. The snake charmer told reporters he had been promised a plot of land for his reptiles two years ago by a district magistrate, but nothing... More »

Farmers Protest Bribery—With Bags of Snakes

Two men in India unleash 40 snakes on a tax office

(Newser) - Two farmers in northern India just wanted to obtain property tax records from a local tax office, but officials allegedly demanded bribes for the info. The miffed farmers came back with three bags, filled not with bribe cash, but with around 40 live snakes—including at least four deadly cobras—... More »

2 Stories