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Texas Cops Go on High-Speed Food Fight

Thief pelted officer's car with steaks: police

(Newser) - What a waste of perfectly good beef. Authorities in Longview, Texas, say they tried to pull over a suspect accused of stealing steaks from a local Walmart on Wednesday, but the man kept on trucking, hitting speeds of 100mph as he fled through two counties, per the New York Daily ... More »

Woman Eats 13 Pounds of Steak, Sets Record

Molly Schuyler wins Big Texan Steak Ranch contest again

(Newser) - How long would it take you to wolf down three 72-ounce steaks, each with a shrimp cocktail, roll, side salad, and baked potato? If you said more than 20 minutes, you'd lose a face-stuffing contest in Amarillo, Texas—to a 124-pound woman, CNN reports. Yep, Molly Schuyler, 35-year-old mother... More »

Meat Can be Tough on the Environment

Steaks do more damage than driving; cow farts also a problem

(Newser) - Four average-sized steaks generate as much greenhouse gas as an ordinary car traveling for 3 hours at 50mph. The meat also chews up 169 megajoules of energy, enough to light a 100-watt bulb for 20 days. These were among the findings of Japanese scientists investigating the effects of beef production... More »

3 Stories