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Satellite Company Wants You to Help Find Malaysia Jet

DigitalGlobe hopes crowdsourcing can locate plane

(Newser) - Malaysian authorities seem to have generated nothing but confusion and ill will in the hunt for Flight MH370. Now a Colorado company offers a way for people to do more than vent frustration—they can help scan satellite images, reports the Denver Post . DigitalGlobe wants people to go to its... More »

Satellite Spots First Chinese Aircraft Carrier

Secretive Beijing ship was on a test run

(Newser) - A commercial US satellite company said it has captured a photo of China's first aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea off the Chinese coast. DigitalGlobe said one of its satellites photographed the carrier on Dec. 8. The Varyag wasn't up to anything suspicious, but was merely on a... More »

2 Stories