Christopher Hitchens dead

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Hitchens Slammed Vatican in Final Interview

'The totalitarian, to me, is the enemy,' he told Dawkins

(Newser) - With barely two months left to live, Christopher Hitchens gave one last interview, to fellow atheist Richard Dawkins, taking the opportunity to bash the Catholic Church and totalitarianism. In the New Statesman interview, Hitchens' harshest words were for the Catholic Church, saying that every fascist government in Europe in the... More »

Christopher Hitchens Dead at 62

Cancer claims one-of-a-kind firebrand author

(Newser) - Author, intellectual, and firebrand atheist Christopher Hitchens has died at the age of 62 after a long fight with esophageal cancer. The British-born writer, who had lived in Washington DC since 1982, chronicled his illness with the same caustic insight he directed at targets including Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, and... More »

2 Stories