Danny Chen

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Military Hazing Must Stop

Rep. Judy Chu slams 'outrageous token' sentences

(Newser) - The shame of falling asleep on guard duty might be considered punishment enough. But US soldiers like Danny Chen were literally tortured for such mistakes, and ended the pain by taking their own lives. And Rep. Judy Chu is sick of it. "Is it necessary for soldiers to be... More »

Gay Kiss Is Milestone, but Military Must Do More

Racism, sexism, homophobia still exist: LA Times

(Newser) - When Marissa Gaeta stepped off the USS Oak Hill after a three-month deployment and gave her girlfriend the "first kiss" , it was just one example of the "exemplary progress" the US military has made in "modernizing its culture," declares the Los Angeles Times in an editorial.... More »

US Soldiers Charged in Comrade's Death

Danny Chen appeared to have killed himself

(Newser) - Eight US soldiers have been charged in the death of Danny Chen, a 19-year-old private who appeared to have fatally shot himself Oct. 3 in a guard tower in Kandahar, the Washington Post reports. It’s unclear if the soldiers have been charged with actually killing him, or of driving... More »

3 Stories