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Sweden's 'Yule Goat' Again Meets Grisly Fate

It's not a party until someone gets charged with arson

(Newser) - In what's become a Christmas tradition to some Swedes, a giant decorative goat made of straw was set ablaze early Sunday and police arrested a 25-year-old man suspected of arson. The straw goat is a beloved Christmas symbol in the city of Gavle, in central Sweden. However, it's... More »

Yule Log Embers Linked to Deadly Christmas Inferno

Grandfather nearly saved one sister; they died inches from each other

(Newser) - Embers from a holiday Yule log may have triggered the horrific fire that killed the three young daughters and parents of a Connecticut advertising executive on Christmas Day. Madonna Badger, 47, was up until 3am with her boyfriend, wrapping gifts and making Christmas morning preparations; the two put embers from... More »

2 Stories