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Ultra-Orthodox Don Holocaust Garb for Protest

Groups calls opposition over push for sex segregation a 'spiritual Holocaust'

(Newser) - Israelis are fuming after an ultra-Orthodox group dressed in concentration camp garb to protest their treatment by the public for promoting segregation of the sexes. Thousands of the extremists gathered in Jerusalem with their children dressed in the striped black-and-white uniforms of Jews imprisoned in World War II. They were... More »

Israelis Erupt After Orthodox Extremists Harass Girl, 8

Extremists demanding sex segregation, more 'modest' clothes for schoolgirls

(Newser) - Thousands of Israelis poured into the streets yesterday to protest calls by Orthodox Jewish extremists for gender segregation. Fury erupted after a group of Orthodox Jews harassed young girls on their way to school for not dressing "modestly." Stop Israel "from becoming Iran," said signs held... More »

2 Stories