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Women Run Over by Train, Survive, Flee the Scene

Cops have identified 2 alleged trespassers

(Newser) - A camera mounted on a 14,000-ton freight train in southern Indiana captured what was likely a heart-stopping moment for the engineer: the sight of two women lying down on the tracks right before the train ran them over. Even though the engineer thought he had struck and killed the... More »

Clue to Near-Death Experiences Uncovered

Scientists find rats' brains go into overdrive after cardiac arrest

(Newser) - A fascinating (and somewhat macabre) new study may explain the so-called "near-death experiences" described by many people. Scientists studied the brains of nine rats as they were being euthanized and found that just after the rats' hearts stopped, their brains became more active than normal, NPR reports. This sort... More »

Teen Recalls 'Big Light' in Videos Before Death

'It was the BEST feeling,' Ben Breedlove says of near-death experience

(Newser) - A Texas teen reveals his near-death experiences with a beneficent "big, bright light" in a crushingly poignant double video he made just days before his death on Christmas Day. Ben Breedlove, 18, recounts years of battling his progressively worsening hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart illness and his three near-death experiences in... More »

3 Stories