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Japan's Nuclear Cleanup Enters Critical New Phase

Fuel-rod transfer poses serious danger

(Newser) - Teams working at the Fukushima power station are facing a critical—and extremely dangerous—new task: pulling 13-foot nuclear fuel rods from the Unit 4 structure slammed by the tsunami. "It's going to be very difficult, but it has to happen," an official tells the BBC . To... More »

US Steps up Spying on Iran Nuke Reactor

Concerned about safety at Bushehr

(Newser) - Concerned over fuel rods that were unexpectedly discharged in October, the US has increased spying on Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor, officials tell the Wall Street Journal . Spent fuel from Bushehr was supposed to be returned to Russia, which commissioned and built the reactor, so the US was surprised when... More »

Despite Fuel Rods, Iran Is No Closer to Bomb

Announcement likely a posturing technique

(Newser) - If you were freaking out about Iran’s recent announcement that it had developed nuclear fuel rods , relax: Tehran probably isn’t any closer to a nuclear weapon than it was before, experts tell Reuters . While spent plutonium fuel rods can be used to make bombs, the West’s concern... More »

3 Stories