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Why Governors Are Ditching Their Mansions

It's like The Shining in there: staffer

(Newser) - One of the perks of being a governor is getting to live in the executive mansion—but many governors are skipping out on the offer, writes Jodi Kantor in the New York Times . For some, it's because of the huge amount of responsibility that comes with living in a... More »

NY Times Calls Obama Book 'Chick' Lit

Critics see label as slight to serious book, author

(Newser) - A generally gushing review in the New York Times of a book by its own Washington correspondent hit an Internet landmine when it referred to the book as "chick nonfiction," observes New York Magazine . The reconfiguration of the term "chick lit" was no doubt meant to be... More »

Newt and Barack: Two Introverted 'Victims'

Both politicians deflect blame in their ivory towers: Maureen Dowd

(Newser) - “I, I’m so in love with you,” President Obama sang at the Apollo this week. But Maureen Dowd heard only a rare expressive moment from a man "who came to Washington on a wave of euphoria" and "has had a presidency with all the joy... More »

Book May Have Understated First Lady's Health Care Role

'Could have been more precise,' says author

(Newser) - In Jodi Kantor's headline-grabbing book The Obamas , she writes that Michelle Obama largely sat out the health care debate because aides worried it would hurt her image. "She did a few events, but they were small, and drew little coverage" Kantor writes. "Her support … became a... More »

Michelle Obama: Don't Call Me an 'Angry Black Woman'

First lady responds to claims made in Jodi Kantor's book

(Newser) - Michelle Obama says she hasn't read Jodi Kantor's new—and, at times, unflattering—book on the Obamas, but she does take offense to what's in it. Speaking to CBS co-anchor/long-time pal Gayle King, Obama explains that she has grown weary of people portraying her as "some... More »

Michelle Frightened at First: Book

Details of Jodi Kantor book continue behind-the-scenes look

(Newser) - Details from The Obamas, by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, continue to trickle out , and ABC News reports on revelations of a personal nature. According to Kantor, Michelle Obama felt "frightened and alone" during her first days in the White House. The first lady wanted to stay behind... More »

6 Stories