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Flight Attendants at Higher Risk for Many Types of Cancer

Researchers think it could be due to carcinogen exposure

(Newser) - Unfortunate news for flight attendants: A new study finds that they suffer from higher rates of many types of cancer than the general population. The researchers compared data from more than 5,300 flight attendants who completed a health survey to about 2,700 non-flight-attendants with similar income and educational... More »

Airline's Female Crew Don't Have to Wear Skirts Anymore

Pants-based victory for Cathay Pacific's female flight attendants

(Newser) - No longer able to skirt the issue, one of Asia's largest airlines will allow its female flight attendants to wear pants, the Guardian reports. According to the BBC , female flight attendants for Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific had been required to wear short skirts since the airline's founding in... More »

5 Things Airline Workers Would Tell You If They Could

Wear your shoes, buddy

(Newser) - Though the number of complaints on Twitter might lead you to believe otherwise, "Flying has never been better." At least according to the industry experts the Outline spoke with, who pointed out that taking to the friendly skies has gotten safer and more on time (arrivals are now... More »

Flight Attendants Still Have No Answer on What's Ailing Them

Thousands of AA attendants have had bad reactions since new uniforms arrived

(Newser) - American Airlines flight attendants demanded a full recall of their new uniforms last month, convinced the new attire was making many of them sick—but after a slew of testing, the airline still can't definitively say what the issue is, or if the uniforms are involved at all, Bloomberg... More »

Why AA Flight Attendants Want 'Full Recall' of New Garb

They like the way uniforms look—but they say they're unhealthy

(Newser) - Total recall: American Airlines. USA Today reports on the more than 70,000 workers for the airline who received newly designed uniforms in September, uniforms that by many accounts were pleasing to the eye and well-received. But that was before those pleased eyes began suffering from irritation, and before a... More »

Flight Attendants Feared 'Devilish' Image, Were Fired

United employees refused to fly after seeing words 'BYE BYE' on plane's underside

(Newser) - The underside of a 747 jumbo jet's tail was coated in oil residue, and in it, someone had written the words "BYE BYE" and drawn two faces—one smiling, one with more of a "devilish" look. If you'd be reluctant to board that plane, well, you'... More »

Flight Attendants Threaten to Withhold Smiles, Booze

Cathay Pacific workers are in pay dispute

(Newser) - Flight attendants at Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific Airways are threatening to withhold food, alcohol, and even smiles from passengers during the Christmas holidays over a pay dispute, a union official said today. Cabin staff at the airline, which has a reputation for top-notch service, voted at a union meeting... More »

Put Baldwin on No-Fly List: Union

Keep him and '30 Rock' off American Airlines, demand flight attendants

(Newser) - Get off your high horse, Mr. Alec Baldwin. That's the response from the flight attendants union to the actor and his profanity-peppered tirade . Union officials want the bristly actor with the big mouth barred from further flights on American Airlines. They also want to dump 30 Rock episodes from... More »

Ryanair's Latest Crazy Idea: No More Co-Pilots

Instead, extra flight attendants!

(Newser) - Co-pilots? We don't need no stinking co-pilots. And it would certainly be cheaper to fly without them, so that's what Ryanair CEO (and infamous cost-cutter) Michael O'Leary intends to do—or at least try to do. O'Leary, whose company has already rolled out the genius ideas of charging passengers to... More »

Later, Slater: JetBlue Rogue Out of a Job

Surprise, surprise. No, wait: He resigned.

(Newser) - Steven Slater is officially—and somewhat unsurprisingly—among the unemployed. The beer-swilling, potty-mouthed flight attendant and JetBlue have parted ways in the wake of his epic exit off a Philly-to-New-York flight last month, the airline confirms to the AP. JetBlue, which had initially suspended Slater, said it would release no... More »

Flight Attendant Freaks Out, Flees Plane

JetBlue employee curses out passenger, exits using emergency slide

(Newser) - A potty-mouthed passenger was the last straw for a JetBlue flight attendant who cursed out the customer on the PA system of an arriving flight at New York's JFK airport today, then deployed the emergency slide to make his getaway. Steven Slater was arrested at his home nearby and charged... More »

JetBlue Hires Ex-Cops as Flight Attendants

Airline wants people who work well in emergencies

(Newser) - JetBlue isn’t interested in the good-looking stewardesses of bygone days. They want flight attendants who are good in an emergency, who can take charge and inspire confidence. So they’ve been actively recruiting ex-cops and firefighters, the Wall Street Journal reports. As a result, about 10% of its 2,... More »

Flight Attendant Fisticuffs Ground Plane

Passengers cleared after brawl on NY-to-Atlanta flight

(Newser) - A flight from Rochester, NY, to Atlanta wasn’t even off the ground when a throwdown between two flight attendants scrapped the whole trip. The two women “got into a fistfight,” one passenger says. So “the pilot decided to kick everyone off the plane.” Pinnacle Airlines,... More »

Pilot, Crew Slug It Out on Air India Plane

Fisticuffs erupt over sex harassment complaint by flight attendant

(Newser) - Pilots and crew members on an Air India jet came to blows mid-flight in an argument about sex harassment. Stunned passengers watched grappling staffers spill out of the cockpit into a galley. The fight erupted when a flight attendant complained about harassment by the pilots en route from Pakistan to... More »

Stewardess Helps Land Flight After Co-Pilot Cracks

Licensed pilot jumps in on London-bound plane after man suffers breakdown

(Newser) - After an Air Canada captain had his co-pilot handcuffed and dragged from his seat during a January flight, a female flight attendant helped steer the London-bound passenger jet to safety in Ireland, the Guardian reports. The original co-pilot was “quite harried” when he entered the cockpit, a report released... More »

AA Should Bag Boneheaded Luggage Fee

Or face more delays, lost baggage, and longer security lines

(Newser) - American Airlines’ plan to charge passengers $15 to check a bag is likely to cost the carrier more money than it generates, Joe Brancatelli argues in Portfolio. “Not only will it infuriate flyers—who are already annoyed with American’s lousy operating efficiency and its recent maintenance snafus—it’... More »

Feeling Ill? Stay On the Ground

Airlines, staff are only modestly equipped to respond to medical emergencies in the air

(Newser) - In the wake of the death last week of a passenger on an American Airlines jet, one expert on in-flight health has this to say to sickly would-be travelers: “Do not fly.” Air travel can exacerbate illness, and though many airlines contract with ground-based medical support, flight attendants... More »

Firefighting Is US' Sexiest Job

Personal trainer, CEO and cowboy also turn-ons, site finds

(Newser) - Americans may ogle the celebrities gracing the covers of gossip mags, but firefighter remains the sexiest job title on the books, the Boston Globe reports. Personal trainer comes in a close second, according to Salary.com's Valentine's Day survey. It's the site's first such survey in three years, and though... More »

Passenger Restrained After Midair Attempt to Deplane

Crew, other travelers duct-tape man to seat

(Newser) - A redeye flight from Denver to New York took a frightening turn yesterday when a passenger leaped from his seat and tried to open the rear door of a Frontier Airlines jet. Flight attendants and passengers then restrained the man by strapping him to his seat with duct tape. A... More »

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