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Cobain's Kid Scolds Lana Del Rey

Frances Bean asserts there's nothing cool about dying young

(Newser) - Lana Del Rey got Frances Bean Cobain's attention when she told the Guardian earlier this month, "I wish I was dead already." She was talking, at the time, about her heroes, including Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain, and admitted that she sees dying young as glamorous. Frances... More »

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'

And Lana Del Rey has a lot of implants, says fashion designer

(Newser) - It's always fun when Karl Lagerfeld opens his mouth , which he did quite a bit during a recent stint as guest editor of Metro . His most buzz-generating quote is about Adele: "The thing at the moment is Adele," he says. "She is a little too fat,... More »

SNL Sends Newt to the Moon

Kristen Wiig hams it up as Callista, Lana Del Rey; Bon Iver turns in solid showing

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich got his hat handed to him in Nevada last night, and Saturday Night Live heaped insult on injury. The show ribbed Gingrich's "moon shot" with a sketch envisioning him as "moon president" in the not-so-distant time of 2014, notes Mediaite . Highlights include a student-janitor telling... More »

Redemption? Lana Del Rey Impresses Letterman

Singer's performance on live TV better received this time

(Newser) - Lana Del Rey didn't exactly get rave reviews for her Saturday Night Live performance, but she seems to have made a fan of David Letterman. After she sang a simpler version of her "Video Games" hit last night, Letterman jokingly asked if she could come back tonight, notes... More »

Lana Del Rey: Sorry, Haters, I Sang Fine on SNL

Her fans get it, even if critics don't, she says

(Newser) - Lana Del Rey is back in the news with the release of her debut LP, Born to Die, and the singer tells Rolling Stone she's not a bit bothered by all the negative press she got for her recent Saturday Night Live appearance. (A video clip from the show... More »

Daniel Radcliffe Magic in SNL Debut

But actor can't dodge Harry Potter entirely

(Newser) - Daniel Radcliffe made his Saturday Night Live debut last night, bringing "an impressive American accent" and a "strong presence," reports the Hollywood Reporter. The host zinged Casey Anthony, appearing as her new dog in an interview with Seth Meyers, and ripped his shirt off as a lovesick... More »

6 Stories