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Husband-Wife Heroes Have 'Chaotic' Christmas Eve

2 separate rescues: Crystal Travis helped family escape fire, Roger Travis aided non-breathing baby

(Newser) - They were driving to meet up with each other on Christmas Eve, but first, a husband and wife made two separate pit stops to help save a few lives. In a Good Samaritan play in two acts, KFOR reports that Crystal Travis kicked things off Sunday in Cleveland County, NC,... More »

Husband on Heartbreaking NYT Essay: 'Shocked at the Beauty'

Jason Rosenthal says he was 'emotionally ripped apart' at dying wife's love letter

(Newser) - Amy Krouse Rosenthal's recent "Modern Love" column for the New York Times sent a nation sobbing as the Chicago writer revealed she was dying and putting feelers out for a new spouse for her husband. Jason Rosenthal, 52, now tells People he knew his 51-year-old wife of 26... More »

Woman Sells Wedding Dress Marked With 'Stench of Betrayal'

Her eBay post has gone viral with bids reaching nearly $90K

(Newser) - Samantha Wragg hadn't had time to dust off her wedding dress and take it to the cleaners before she found out her new husband was cheating on her. So what did the British woman who works in social media do? List her dress on eBay to help foot the... More »

Husband Died Shielding Wife in California Wildfire

Elderly couple died trying to flee blaze

(Newser) - Byron McKaig was a devoted husband until the very end. The 81-year-old Anglican priest perished alongside his 90-year-old wife, Gladys, in central California's Lake Isabella wildfire last week, and a neighbor tells the Los Angeles Times that he appears to have died trying to protect his wife. Bill Johnson... More »

Jury Acquits Man Accused of Raping Wife With Alzheimer's

Henry Rayhons, 78, gets not-guilty verdict in Iowa case

(Newser) - A rough trial in Iowa has ended with a not-guilty verdict. Jurors decided not to convict a 78-year-old man accused of raping his wife in a nursing home while she was incapacitated by Alzheimer's. "The truth finally came out," former state lawmaker Henry Rayhons tells the Des ... More »

Husband's Good Deed May Save His Life

He shaves head to support wife, discovers cancer of his own

(Newser) - A thoughtful gesture pays off in a big way: When a Georgia woman was diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband shaved his head to support her through chemotherapy. And that was how Bud Stringer discovered he had stage 3 melanoma on the top of his head, reports , picking... More »

Cops: Man Poisons Rice Krispies to Kill Wife

Fernando Porras busted as he flees from hospital

(Newser) - A California man spiked his wife's bowl of Rice Krispies with enough chemicals to kill her, say Azusa police. Suspect Fernando Porras' 17-year-old daughter called 911 after her mother said the cereal smelled and tasted awful. It had been doused with the household cleaner Goof Off, according to investigators.... More »

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