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3 More Big Blows for Paula Deen

Sayonara Novo Nordisk, Target, Home Depot

(Newser) - As Paula Deen was dropped by seemingly every company she's ever been associated with, Novo Nordisk continued to say it would stand by her—but even that relationship appears to have frayed. The diabetes drug maker that partnered with Deen as she announced she had the disease today announced... More »

Paula Deen Sugar-Coats Reality of Diabetes

Celebrity chef's 'moderation' diet doesn't cut it: Karen Stabiner

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Paula Deen has gone from celebrating fatty and fried foods to admitting last week she's a closet diabetic . The kicker: She's now promoting a $500-a-month diabetes drug with the slogan, "Live a life that's delicious." Feeling queasy yet? "Deen got handed a... More »

Deen Makes Unfortunate Declaration About Life

Her 6-word memoir would read ... 'Might as Well Eat That Cookie'

(Newser) - Paula Deen, that bastion of moderation and recent convert to the church of Novo Nordisk after her not-so-recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes , has a memoir out. Well, an Oprah-version of a memoir. Winfrey's magazine asks various celebs and non-celebs to succinctly sum up their lives in a "... More »

Deen Confirms Diabetes, Partners With Drugmaker

Paula wants to show American public 'simple ways' to cope with disease

(Newser) - It's as official as it is unshocking: Butter-slinging celeb chef Paula Deen—she who combined a Krispy Kreme doughnut, hamburger, bacon, and fried egg and called it breakfast —confirms that she has Type 2 diabetes . But she's determined to make something positive out of the diagnosis, like... More »

4 Stories