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3 More Big Blows for Paula Deen

Sayonara Novo Nordisk, Target, Home Depot

(Newser) - As Paula Deen was dropped by seemingly every company she's ever been associated with, Novo Nordisk continued to say it would stand by her—but even that relationship appears to have frayed. The diabetes drug maker that partnered with Deen as she announced she had the disease today announced... More »

Paula Deen Discovers the Miracle of Salad

Eschews lard, drops 30 pounds, but still

(Newser) - Perhaps this will help you to associate her name with hope, rather than butter : Paula Deen is down 30 pounds, six months after her diabetes announcement and nearly three years after her actual diagnosis. How did she do it? By going heavier on the Greek salads and (baked! not fried!... More »

Paula Deen: Don't Associate Me With Butter

Chef would rather be tied to tastiest ingredient of all: 'hope'

(Newser) - Paula Deen is apparently very optimistic, because despite the fact that she's best known for creating recipes like fried butter balls , she said last night on Celebrities at Home that's not what she wants to be associated with. "When you hear the name Paula Deen, I don'... More »

Bourdain Again Rips Paula Deen as 'Cynical, Greedy'

Says of $30M drug endorsement, 'how much money do you need?'

(Newser) - It's just another boring Wednesday, so it's the Anthony Bourdain-Paula Deen feud to the rescue! Bourdain is again reaming Deen, this time calling her "greedy" and "cynical" for pushing fattening food while keeping her type 2 diabetes a secret for three years, reports the New York ... More »

Paula Deen: Bourdain Remarks 'Very, Very Cruel'

Celebrity chef speaks out in 'Prevention'

(Newser) - Paula Deen sat down with Prevention for her first major interview since announcing her diabetes diagnosis, and says that Anthony Bourdain's comments about her have been "very, very cruel." She was particularly distressed by Bourdain comparing her situation—hawking fried, buttery food and then shilling for a... More »

Deen Talks Weight Loss ... at Fried Chicken Brunch

What else would you expect from Paula Deen?

(Newser) - As her fans were served fried chicken and waffles, jambalaya, and strawberry margarita mousse at a Sunday brunch at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, host Paula Deen proudly told People that she has dropped two pant sizes. "I feel great!" says the diabetic celebrity chef , who... More »

Paula Deen's Diabetes Decision Caused Family Rift

Sons nearly left family agency over the decision

(Newser) - Paula Deen's publicist isn't the only one upset over the celebrity chef's decision to hawk Novo Nordisk’s Victoza diabetes drug: The decision also caused a rift in Deen's family. Sons Jamie and Bobby were so upset they nearly left Artists Agency, which reps all... More »

Paula Deen's Publicist: I Quit

Surprise, surprise

(Newser) - What do you do when your celebrity chef client continues churning out dishes like Deep-Fried Stuffing on a Stick or Cheesy Ham and Banana Casserole three years after she learns she has Type 2 diabetes, only to start shilling for a drugmaker? If you're Paula Deen's publicist, you... More »

Paula Deen Sugar-Coats Reality of Diabetes

Celebrity chef's 'moderation' diet doesn't cut it: Karen Stabiner

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Paula Deen has gone from celebrating fatty and fried foods to admitting last week she's a closet diabetic . The kicker: She's now promoting a $500-a-month diabetes drug with the slogan, "Live a life that's delicious." Feeling queasy yet? "Deen got handed a... More »

Paula's Last Meal Before Revealing Diabetes: Tiramisu

What, did you expect something healthier?

(Newser) - We'll give you three guesses what butter-flinging celebrity chef Paula Deen had to eat the night before she announced her diabetes diagnosis on Today. Salmon? A light salad? Some roasted vegetables? No. She was seen eating (or "scarfing down," as the New York Post so gracefully puts... More »

Stick It, Haters: Paula Deen's Laughing All Way to Bank

Paula Deen feels no shame, and America loves her for it: Josh Ozersky

(Newser) - Reactions to Paula Deen's diabetes diagnosis— including ours! —have been largely derisive , but she's going to have the last laugh … "all the way to the bank," predicts Josh Ozersky in Time . If health nuts think this experience will finally teach Deen a lesson, they'... More »

Deen Makes Unfortunate Declaration About Life

Her 6-word memoir would read ... 'Might as Well Eat That Cookie'

(Newser) - Paula Deen, that bastion of moderation and recent convert to the church of Novo Nordisk after her not-so-recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes , has a memoir out. Well, an Oprah-version of a memoir. Winfrey's magazine asks various celebs and non-celebs to succinctly sum up their lives in a "... More »

Deen Confirms Diabetes, Partners With Drugmaker

Paula wants to show American public 'simple ways' to cope with disease

(Newser) - It's as official as it is unshocking: Butter-slinging celeb chef Paula Deen—she who combined a Krispy Kreme doughnut, hamburger, bacon, and fried egg and called it breakfast —confirms that she has Type 2 diabetes . But she's determined to make something positive out of the diagnosis, like... More »

Report: Paula Deen Has Diabetes

She also lands deal with drug company, says the Daily

(Newser) - The Daily has a big scoop in the world of celeb chefs: It says Paula Deen, the purveyor of fatty Southern cooking like fried butter balls , has type 2 diabetes. What's more, the report says Deen is about to go public with the diagnosis as a multimillion-dollar spokeswoman for... More »

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