Morocco protests

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Morocco King Revokes Pedophile Spy's Pardon

Monarch does U-turn after mass protests

(Newser) - After mass protests, the king of Morocco has decided to revoke the pardon he granted to a Spanish pedophile—but the man has already left the country. Daniel Galvan Vina, who was two years into a 30-year sentence for raping 11 children aged between 4 and 14, was among 48... More »

Teen Forced to Marry Rapist Commits Suicide

Moroccan activists push for change in law

(Newser) - Women's rights activists in Morocco say Amina Filali was raped three times: first by a man, then by tradition, then by the law. The 16-year-old killed herself by drinking rat poison after being forced to marry the man who raped her when she was 15, AP reports. A section... More »

5 Unemployed Moroccans Set Themselves Ablaze

Security forces had prevented them from bringing food to friends

(Newser) - Five Moroccan protesters set themselves on fire today, after security forces prevented them from bringing food and water to fellow demonstrators. The men were part of the "unemployed graduates" movement that's swept Morocco, where unemployment is only 9.1% overall, but around 16% for college graduates, the AP... More »

3 Stories