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Penn State Paid Paterno Estate $5.7M

Pay recognized 'decades-long' contribution, says official

(Newser) - Even though Penn State coach Joe Paterno was forced out of his job for his failure to help prevent suspected sex assaults by his assistant coach, his estate was paid $5.7 million by the university. The money covers contract and pension payments, including a $3 million retirement bonus that... More »

Nike Founder Defends Paterno, Gets Standing O

Blame investigation, not legendary coach: Phil Knight

(Newser) - Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight brought a Joe Paterno memorial crowd to its feet when he defended the former coach over the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Paterno "gave full disclosure to his superiors, information that went up the chains to the head of the campus police and the president... More »

Sandusky Weighs in on Paterno's Death

'This is a sad day!' former Penn State coach declares

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky is an expert at running his mouth when he should probably shut it , so it comes as little surprise that the retired Penn State coach, now facing child sex abuse charges, felt the need to issue a statement on Joe Paterno's death. "This is a sad... More »

Westboro Will Picket Joe Paterno's Funeral

Margie Phelps says he 'partook of sin for fame and fortune'

(Newser) - Joe Paterno's death caused, to put it mildly, mixed reactions: The Hollywood Reporter has a roundup, and it includes everything from George HW Bush's glowing remembrance of the Penn State coach to this zinger from a Late Show writer and producer: "Will there be a moment... More »

Penn State Reels Over Paterno's Death

Tributes paid to iconic coach's complicated legacy

(Newser) - Candles, flowers, and mourners surround Penn State's statue of "Joe Pa"; the men's basketball team observed a moment of silence before its game today; and the tributes are rolling in as State College pays tribute to the complicated legacy of Joe Paterno :
  • Former Penn State President Graham
... More »

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